Saffron cultivation

If you want to grow saffron successfully you must know some secrets. Saffron cultivation needs a special climate, very high and dry temperatures during the summer and very cold during the winter.

It develops perfectly in very dry soils, without trees and very aerated. The soil must have a fair balance in terms of organic matter, thus avoiding the dangers of erosion.

Sowing can be done between the months of June and July, it is advisable to make strips that are about 20 centimeters deep. Remember that the crop is by bulbs, the separation between each of them should be 10 centimeters.

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<p style=Bulb plants can sometimes be quite complicated if you do not have experience, since each of them must be carefully placed with the hand, we must also walk down a few meters, being careful not to trample the already sown soil.

Saffron can be harvested during late October until mid-November. The rose is characterized by blooming every dawn, its stigmas are those that have the color and aroma. A secret: harvest the flowers before 10 in the morning and from dawn.

When you have harvested them you will have to separate the stigmas from their flowers, this action is called ‘brush of the flower ’. Keep in mind that you will need approximately 85 thousand flowers to get a kilo of saffron.

Stigmas are shown with a high degree of humidity, so for their best conservation it will be necessary to dry them. For that, the toast process must be performed, so you will get its intense red color, rigid and wrinkle free.

After roasting the stigmata there will be four fifths of its initial weight, that is, from each kilo of stigmas we will get 250 grams of saffron ready to be consumed.

To properly preserve saffron, it should be stored in wooden containers or trunks that are lined with a metallic material to keep them away from heat and cold and (mainly) from moisture.

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