Secrets to water your plants

If you enjoy taking care of your plants sometimes you may ask how much is the amount of water they need so that its development is optimal. Each species of plants needs a specific irrigation. You should know the amount of water that should be put and the frequency in which you should do it. You will have all the details in this article.

Drácenas plants are those that water directly on the earth, the irrigation must be done with care not to throw water on the leaves. Remove the leftover water from the dish, so you will have control over the amount of water your plant receives.

In case you have to water African violets, marantas and cyclamen you must water them down, which means that you must place the plant on a somewhat deep plate, where the water is placed. Once its soil is wet, throw away the excess water, this way you will prevent the plant from rotting.

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<p style=The irrigation of orchids, begoñas, ferns is by immersion, to water these plants you will need a container with water. Put the pot in it and keep it until bubbles stop coming out.

This method is often used for whenever necessary to revive a dry plant.

Remember that during the growth stage it is very important to water the plants abundantly. If the plants are in dry and sunny places it is advisable to water them more frequently, in case they are indoors that are fresh and in low light it will not be necessary to place so much water.

It is advised that during the winter months the risks are reduced. It is preferable that the water you use is warm and not in full sun or on the flowers.

Try not to always water in the same area of ​​the pot, if the roots are large you should pour more water.

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