Selection of poisonous plants -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in our usual space, we leave you with a selection of some of the poisonous plants that exist and we can find.

If you want to know what they are, here we leave you this little list just for pure information. It is important to know about the most common poisonous plants.

Well, they can be harmful to humans or animals either by ingestion, inhalation or by contact with them.

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<p style=The effects can be quite negative, so here we leave a small list with some of the most common poisonous plants, among many types.

Of the less harmful, but common we find Narcissus. We can see this plant in a multitude of homes or in the gardens.

But it is a plant that contains some toxins and if we have regular contact it can cause dehydration and intestinal poisoning. Not everyone has to cause these symptoms.

Another of the poisonous plants, but less harmful than other species is the Dragontea or also known as the Dracunculus vulgaris. A very beautiful and original plant given its shapes and colors.

The Dragontea is well known and valued to beautify areas, gardens, houses … all aesthetically or ornamentally.

But the Dragontea contains some berries, these small fruits are highly poisonous … that is why if we have this plant and we have children or animals .. it is better to take it into account.

Hydrangea has many types of species. In this case, the one known as Hydrangena contains hydragine in its leaves and flowers. Hydragine is a compound that can poison animals, as well as people.

Another plant that will sound to you will be the Ricino! Many of us know castor oil or at least it will sound to you … and it is taken from this plant. But we must bear in mind that what is the seed of the plant, is highly poisonous and can cause from vomiting, diarrhea, to death by ingestion of several seeds.

In the next article we will talk a little more about other poisonous plants that we can see decorating many landscapes and gardens.


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