Selection of poisonous plants -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today we continue talking about some of the plants poisonous, more commonly known and widely used ornamentally.

Another known and poisonous plant is the Belladonna, belonging to the Solanaceae. This perennial plant contains a high degree of toxicity. A plant with a long history, but where simple manipulation can be dangerous.

A plant of the Fabaceae family is the Licorice American, also known as abrus precatorius. Its color is rather pink and sometimes tends to reddish.

In the world we can find it in many places. American licorice is a toxic plant, but widely used as an aphrodisiac and sometimes for dermatology.

Another well-known plant that you have surely seen using it in a decorative way is the Anturio. The ornamental anthurium is a precious plant … but it contains certain toxins strong enough to produce certain negative effects.

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<p style= Some of its negative effects can affect the human being .. it has diverse .. but its beauty makes it almost essential in many decorations.

Another plant of the most widespread, which we can see in many places is the Cicuta. This plant usually grows like weeds and can cause high levels of poisoning, due to its toxin cytoxin. This could lead to death due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

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<p style=The plant known as Laurel de Jardin or Rosa Laurel is a tree. This plant belongs to the Apoynaceae family and cannot be ingested. Otherwise it can cause death since it causes a lot of alterations at the time of ingestion.

Among them, in addition to death, it can cause vomiting, depression, atrial fibrillation, seizures … in this way we must avoid eating it, such as inhaling it as smoke.

Finally we talk about the Digitalis Purpurea, from the family of Escrofulariáceas. This plant, commonly known as Dedalea, is perfect for decorating. It is also widely used medicinally.

But this beautiful plant, in the form of thimble, contains in its leaves a great toxicity. It is not convenient to eat them since they are the most poisonous.

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