Shrub species for your garden

Shrub species for your garden

Good morning friends, in today's space we will love to tell you about some great shrubbery that can help us decorate the garden which we have.

If you want to add some shrubs to enrich the plant decoration, today we leave you with five different species to choose the one that best suits your needs.

We will talk briefly about five species! The first of them is well known and many of those who have a garden plant. He rose bush It is one of the most used, whether to decorate, to obtain its flowers or fruit. Its main time is the months of April to November.

Besides the pink, we have an acquaintance that will surely sound to you .. the Smoke Tree is ideal for decorating our gardens .. being its great time from the months of May to September.

A plant whose maximum height will be three meters. Once cut located in a vase can last up to a week, so we will decorate our rooms. We can make great corsages of small flowers, yellow. Perfect for floral arrangements in autumn.

He Snowflake It is perfect for months from April to November. With a height of two meters at most, this plant has a lot of use for its green buds and open blooms. To decorate the ideal is to do it with water since it will hold the stems much more.

Another bush we want to talk about in today's article will be the Dodonea… The best thing about this bush is that it lasts all year round and thanks to its height and the beautiful coppery color it offers it is ideal for mixing it with white flowers.

Finally, to add beauty to your garden we can always turn to Azarero. The Azarero have a maximum height of about four meters long .. the good thing is that its time lasts all year, you can a perennial shrub.

He Azarero It is used in many places in the world, it is also very useful because if we want to put it in a vase it will last up to nine days! Perfect to decorate your garden and beautify your home.

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