Sky Planter and ... hang your plants!

Sky Planter and … hang your plants!

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about the hanging pots .. especially about the Sky Planter pot!

If you are looking for new ideas to bring freshness to your environments, now that summer is coming, here we leave you with a nice option that we can include in almost any type of environment.

Floating pots Sky planter It is not just any pot, with its refined, simple and rounded lines it is ideal for minimalist and modern decorations. Although it can combine perfectly with other types of styles.

Its design has been designed so that the pot is suspended, attached to the ceiling or to any wall … for example in the kitchen, a busy stay will be perfectly providing freshness and nature to the space.

In addition it will also be great in the living room, the balcony or terrace, a beautiful patio, your living room or even in the bedroom.

This type of planters, created by the company Boskke, they are ideal to house plants such as geraniums, orchids, ivy … but for example if we put it in the kitchen we can plant aromatic herbs such as thyme, dill … etc.

If you have an empty wall we can always decorate with Sky Planter, it includes several at different heights and you will see what volumes!

Transform all your corners, give joy to your home during the summer season and redesign all your spaces. These hanging gardens are a great idea that will add that brushstroke of color that we are looking for.

We can find them online in white ceramic. We can also choose between different sizes and sizes … all from 26 euros. Although we can also find more cheap in recycled plastic for 19 euros or so.

Finally we tell you that placing these pots is quite simple. Simply transplant your plant, place the grid that comes next to the lid and thus prevent dirt from falling into the pot. Then locate it where you like, if it can be in a bright place.

Once we can water it through the upper area where Sky Planter has a water tank and gradually dosing it to the plant.

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