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Some characteristics of birch bonsai

A bonsai can become a beautiful decorative piece For the interior of our home, choosing its correct location is very important, since all eyes will be focused on beauty. One of the options you can choose is to have a birch bonsai. In this article we will tell you some of its characteristics.

Its common name is Silver birch or Common birch. It is a species that It belongs to the Bertulaceae family. It originated in almost the entire European continent, west of Siberia, north of Morocco or east of Asia.

It is a deciduous tree. It has an attractive silver-tone bark and yellowed leaves in the fall. It is important to know that the birch bonsai do not live long, when they spend more than 10 years in the pot it breaks down.

Enjoy the sun, provided you are in a cool place with a little shade at a certain time of day. It is a species that can resist quite cold.

It is necessary to water it regularly, must be paid from the end of spring until summer comes every 15 days.

With regard to pruning we can tell you that it is not very resistant, since its healing is slow and difficult. It should only be shaped in the period of growth. You can completely defoliate at the beginning of the summer and thus stimulate the formation of the branches.

The birch bonsai It should be transplanted every two or three years at the beginning of spring, in a mixture of 60 percent mulch, 10 percent peat and 30 percent coarse sand.

Its easiest multiplication is by seeds.

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