Pautas para el cultivo de aromáticas

Some ideas for the cultivation of aromatics

We will continue giving you some tips that you should keep in mind when grow your aromatic plants. We invite you to read the previous article where we begin to give you some interesting facts.

When preparing the soil for aromatic you must eliminate all the perennial weeds you find. For that, at the time of working the land you must remove the pieces of roots, bulbs and stems you find. We know that eliminating them all can become quite difficult but if you don't do it very carefully you will run the risk of being rebounded later.

Before planting remember the importance of incorporate some organic fertilizerLike matillo, manure, peat. Especially if the soil is very poor in mineral nutrients or if the texture is extreme.

In the case of a very sandy soil nothing better than adding the matillo, guano, earthworm humus, in this way you can keep the moisture in the soil and give the plants all the nutrients that will gradually break down. If your soil is more clay thanks to a good organic fertilizer, drainage can be facilitated. In addition to organic matter you can add washed river sand (never work), the objective will be to compensate the clay texture.

Another good option is make a kind of padding, known as mulch. For its realization you must make a base of the plants a layer of barks of pine, compost and other materials. The mulch offers many benefits, for example, that the plants will require less watering because with the padding the evaporation of the water is reduced, in addition the appearance of some weeds is avoided. And finally it has the advantage of being something decorative.

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