Diferentes tipos de helechos

Some very special ferns

exist different types of ferns that will help decorate your garden and the interior of your home. Keep in mind that ferns are a large group of plants that belong to the group of pteridophytes, experts say they are in the world before people.

There are currently more than 12 thousand species of ferns in the world, you can Find of different sizes and shapes.

Normally ferns grow in humid, shady or flooded sites, they can be seen in the soils of the forests of the temperate zones, also in the tropical and subtropical regions. All ferns require the presence of running water so that their development is ideal. For that reason they cannot grow in arid sites.

Only few species reached adapt to dry places, including the Selaginella lepidophylla, commonly known as Jericho rose, which can be seen in the arid regions of Texas. Throughout the year it is shown as a large brown ball but when the heavy rains come it becomes a beautiful green rosette.

The fern known as a bird's nest grows in the great rainforests of northern Australia, is characterized by large leaves, is a very elegant and recognized species on this site. The fern asplenium It is a very particular species, it has its origins in the humid forests of Malaysia and Australia. It requires certain care.

Some ferns like the Psilotum Nudum and the Christella dentata, the oldest in the world, are protected by law. At present you can find them south of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Valley of the Honey River. In that place there are some small gorges called canutos that allow vegetation survival of the Tertiary Era. Thanks to the characteristics of its inner microclimate these ferns can survive.

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