Sow your own potatoes -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Sow your own potatoes -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

For grow potatoes in your own home for example in a small garden or a beautiful greenhouse or even inside the house itself … we can take them outside when the weather gets warmer.

If we are going to do it, cultivate indoors, we will always place the cube in a place that gives enough light. We will proceed to turn it from time to time, so the plant will be born straight and not looking for the light continuously. Something important is to always keep the earth moist.

If you are going to grow outdoors, we recommend sowing potatoes where there is more light, even if it is only part of the day. Of course .. if frosts are going to come, it is best to put the potatoes at home with pots and everything … or put some plastic or some type of insulator on top, because they could spoil!

Now, if we have a great greenhouse and it's very cold … come on it's freezing … try to keep everything tightly closed like doors and windows. If one day it is too sunny we should have a very well ventilated greenhouse … otherwise it could overheat.

Think that potatoes, when they are planted, will go through different stages … at the beginning their roots will grow, developing to cling well to the earth. Then the stems and leaves will begin to grow … in the final stage the tubers and flowers will grow.

We must keep in mind adding soil on the basis of plants … we will do this during its development.

Something important is to maintain their moisture, water them well … especially in the flowering stage. The soil must never be dry…. but remember not to spend it in the irrigation because we could rot the plant. Think about watering it every two or three days.

Something important is that if you want to produce very large potatoes, we will simply remove all the flowers that come to the plant.

Another thing to keep in mind is to watch when the leaves of the plant begin to yellow and wilt is a sign that we should stop watering it.

From here we will wait for two to three weeks … and we will see how the tubers have become small potatoes ready to harvest … if you want larger potatoes, try to wait four more weeks or even six.

Something important is to be aware of the plant, in case mold comes out … we don't want fungal or bacterial infections … if you think it is infected we will bury it or throw it away.

When they have grown enough and are ready to harvest the first thing we will do is put on some great gloves … otherwise we will wash our hands very well.

A good idea is to harvest when the weather is dry … to do it with gloves or bare hands we will loosen the soil carefully and introduce the hand below the plant, so we will remove the largest tubers. If there are small tubers, we can leave them until they reach their maximum splendor.

To start storing all our potatoes it is convenient that before they are allowed to dry well on the earth and the sun .. we will do this for an hour.

Finally we will put the potatoes to store in cool, dark and very well ventilated places .. remember that if a potato is very dry it can last up to six weeks.

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