Spanish flag. Lantana care -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Spanish flag. Lantana care -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Yesterday we talked about the Spanish Flag, a plant better known as Lantana … today we want to give some more advice so that we can consider them if we decide to grow them in our garden or our home.

If you love this type of flower, which is very versatile thanks to the variety of its colors, you will be correct because we can perform very versatile environments.

If you are interested in multiplying this plant the easiest and fastest way is to reproduce the Lantana through cuttings … in this way the new species will have a color exactly to the plants that we have taken the cuttings.

We remind you that the best date for cultivate the cuttings of Lantana They are in February and the dates to transplant them without problems will be between April and June.

Remember that the Spanish Flag is a very simple plant to grow, it does not require soil or special substrate .. that yes the soil must be in good condition.

If you want to grow them in pots, to place them on the terrace, in the patio or inside your home decorating your favorite corners, we can do it with a combination of peat and sand, all in equal parts.

While the plant is developing we will be cautious, especially with water … better to stay short than to drown the plant … remember that it is convenient to give away frequently at least once or twice a week … this we will do so between the months April and November .. once we enter winter at most once a week we must water it.

If you want your Lantana to rejuvenate every season, what we will do will be a kind of aggressive pruning. Thus the shoots will grow much stronger in the spring. If we put the plant outdoors and we do not care that the only thing we will have to prune is the oldest or oldest branches.

During the growth we will fertilize the earth once a month, it is enough with universal substrate or for flowering plants .. nothing special.

Finally we discuss other uses that we can give to Lantana .. for example in the area of ​​Mexico and Panama it is used to soothe physical pain .. in a cooked way as if it were in tea. So Lantana will help us with stomach problems, pains, digestive system conditions.

Distilled, especially the plants that come from Madagascar, you get an oil that serves to relieve stress and promote sleep.

Even if we mix them with other herbs in a tea, it will be good for gynecological problems and menstrual cramps .. besides being one of the most decorative plants!

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