Special care of cacti

In case you enjoy cacti today we will give you some tips related to light and temperature so that its development is optimal.

With regard to the light we can tell you that this type of plant needs a lot of light, although the direct sun could generate burns in the most delicate species. It is best to enjoy the sun much of the day, about 6 hours, during the morning very early or at sunset.

Larger cacti can more easily withstand direct sunlight than those that are smaller. Until they reach three or four years, it is best to place them in a place where they are shaded.

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<p style=Keep in mind that dark-colored plastic cacti can reheat the roots of cacti, for that reason we advise you to place them in lighter colored pots. In the case that you have no other option, we advise you to wrap the pots with some fabric or clear material that is thick.

Regarding the care we should have with its temperature This will depend on the species. If the temperature drops to temperatures below five degrees, some species from tropical areas may die. For example, the Christmas Cactus (Zygocactus truncatus) can't stand the cold.

When temperatures drop to temperatures below 10 degrees the pots must keep the substrate completely dry. If they are in the garden it is advisable to cover them so that they do not receive direct rain. In some cases the ideal is to place the pots in a greenhouse or inside the house.

Plants can be outside from April to September, when there is no risk of frost that could damage them.

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Uses of cacti

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