Plantas para evitar mosquitos

Species that drive away mosquitoes

There are different plants thanks to which we can prevent the arrival of mosquitoes, although it seems a lie they are really effective and maintenance is simple.

The lemon balm has an intense aroma, thanks to it they will scare away the mosquitoes. They should be placed in full sun. If you want it to grow quickly you should cut it often. Keep in mind that lemon balm also has many beneficial health properties. Before consuming it in infusions or for medicinal purposes you should consult a doctor.

It is characterized by giving off a very intense aroma in the afternoons, flowering takes place throughout the summer and until the end of autumn. In the areas of warm climates it supports the whole year without any inconvenience.

Cat mint
Cat mint is a plant that effectively repels mosquitoes thanks to the oil present in the leaves.

Basil has a very pleasant aroma, in addition to helping us avoid mosquitoes we can use it in gastronomy or to prepare a tasty pesto. Keep in mind that the species does not withstand the extreme cold of winter and during the hottest time of summer we must place it in the shade. It requires a moist soil with good drainage so that the development is optimal.

Lavender is an easy plant to grow, its flowers are very beautiful and besides being an aid to avoid mosquitoes it is decorative.

Citronella should be planted in full sun and irrigated very frequently. For its correct development it is advisable to pay it every fifteen days. When summer ends, it should be placed indoors and reduce irrigation.

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