Spring bulbs, dress your color garden

Spring bulbs, dress your color garden

When we are halfway through winter and wishing the sun's rays spring fill our garden with color and heat you have to start being a forecaster and plan the set-up of our gardenWell, in a few weeks we will want to enjoy it again with those first rays of sun that warm and invite you to enjoy the fresh air.

As you know to enjoy the flowers of bulbous plants in spring, we had to plant our fall bulbs, those that bloom now in spring such as tulips, hyacinths, daffodils or irises, if you already did, you are about to start picking their fruits or better dissolve their flowers …

So now we have time to plant the spring bulbs, these that will bloom in summer such as gladioli, daffodils, liliums, begonias or dahlias in order to enjoy all the color of their flowers during the good weather.

A good way to find a place in our garden is in small beds or rockeries, although for those who do not have much space to say that they can grow in flower pots and planters no problem. As it is time to plant our spring bulbs I leave several ideas to apply according to your space and arrangement in yards and gardens:

  • If you planted autumn bulbs, you can plant spring bulbs in the holes that you left so that at the end of spring the decline of these bulbous plants arrives, the new bulbous spring plants take their place, it is a good way to have your garden well decorated in spring and summer .
  • Depending on the volume of bulbous plants we can make groups in pots, beds or bedsFor example, we can make a group of gladiolus, daffodils or liliums so that when they grow their spikes form a small thicket of flowers. We can also make a group of 3 or 4 bulbs of dahlias, to harvest a very colorful grouping, because the dahlias have a continuous flowering, one thing to keep in mind, because we can cut their flowers to decorate with vases at home.
  • If we do not have a garden, but if we have a patio or terrace, we can buy plastic planters or pots to decorate these spaces with our favorite bulbs.
  • Another good option is for example to use plastic centerpieces, these shallow pots to plant some begonias, a plant that would appreciate that we place them in areas with lots of light, but without direct exposure to the sun, such as porches or pergolas.

Finally give a good advice on the ground where we will plant our bulbs, remember that the bulbous plants develop in a few months all their branches and flowering, so they need substrates rich in food for planting, so if the soil is a little depleted we must fertilize it with some kind of slow-release fertilizer and also during the Growing our bulbs is recommended to make periodic subscribers with some type of liquid fertilizer specific for flowering.

I hope you liked the tips and ideas to decorate your courtyards and gardens with spring bulbs.

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