Spring Tips for your Plants

Spring Tips for your Plants

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to give you some small tips or suggestions that will help us pay maximum attention to our plants so that these, in spring time, are developed reaching their full potential and that we have the least possible problems.

The primevara It is synonymous with new life, colors and freshness .. the flowers begin to bloom .. and our plants must adapt to the new season little by little ..

Spring brings new temperatures so we have to be very careful so that our favorite plants do not burn us with the sun.

We will also be careful with some frost that can be formed at this time of year .. sensitive plants could be greatly affected .. what we can do is introduce the pots at home.

Remember that tubers and bulbs that bloom in summer time, we must plant them now in spring .. in spring we can also plant lively and annual plants .. an example of this are sunflowers, poppies, daisies ..

If you have a ornate gardenl and you want to make the most of it, remember that you can use the mulch, manure, peat or compost to fertilize the earth.

If you have inside plants, when spring arrives we will move them to a larger pot .. in this way they will have more space to bloom.

If your garden is a time of weeds, you can always use organic material to stop their development. This retains soil moisture, so we will put a layer in the places we can.

If you have, remember water the lawn enough in hot weather and we must also air it with a fork at some points .. not at all!

By last the flowers that are withered we will eliminate them, so the plant will bloom correctly.

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