botella de plastico

Sprinkler made with a plastic bottle

A plastic bottle is perfect for making a completely improvised sprinkler. The idea is frankly great, when you need one urgently and do not want or can not have some installed. Sometimes having a beautiful garden can come out for a much cheaper price if we do some things we need.

We have already seen on other occasions how to make a small scoop for digging, obtained from a plastic bottle; We have also seen how to make sherds with them or make an irrigation system for the plants. Plastic bottles are perfect items to do countless things in different areas of home.

Today, we have the example of this functional garden sprinkler. A somewhat rudimentary system that will help the farthest grass or plant are well watered. As you can see, it is enough to have a bottle bored at the base. It is important to adjust the garden hose to the nozzle of the bottle. Theirs is to get a bottle whose mouth has a diameter that fits well with respect to the hose.

In this way, when the whole assembly is well fixed, the plastic bottle is filled to the maximum and then it spreads the water strongly through the holes. As you can see, a lot of pressure comes out, so we will water the grass or other types of plants we need, in a few minutes.

If you hold the bottle well, at some point in the garden … between two stones or with another well-equipped system, you can leave the improvised sprinkler running for the minutes you need. Then close the hose wrench and you're done. If you like to do your own things for the garden, here is one more idea.

I think it's great to try to save and make elements that we have around us and not use, something that really works. Sometimes the final aspect is not so important, when the right objective is achieved.

plastic bottle

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