St. John's Wort - Ideas for gardens and decoration

St. John's Wort – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, we love that you decorate your homes, gardens and balconies with all kinds of flowers and plants … well, always keeping a certain balance and knowing what we want and what we plant.

Today we would love to tell you about a plant more than certain that many of you have heard about! St. John's Wort is with the name we know best, but its common name is Hiperico .. belonging to the botanical species Hypericum Perforatum.

We will have heard about this herb, grown in some areas of Europe and Asia, thanks to its medicinal and / or healing properties.

Within its genus we must know that there are more than 400 herbaceous species .. they are usually woody and rather arbustas. Evergreen its lovely florets are perfect for making great floral arrangements or decorating the kitchen or certain spaces with it.

Its leaves are green, opposite and compact .. instead we will see the flowers in a beautiful golden yellow color .. rather lonely with very bright stamens.

St. John's Wort usually blooms in spring or summer, we can also grow them very easily since they do not require large maintenance.

Its height usually ranges between 30 and 40 cm, we can also grow it fully alone or in a semi-shade place.

As a resistant plant, it usually withstands temperatures of minus five degrees and between 15 and 25 degrees in spring-summer … we already know that it is very easy to grow, it is more practically all types of soil are worth them.

We also tell you that in autumn they appear small red berries, giving a spectacular color to this beautiful plant.

Finally we tell you that it can be multiplied by 5 cm cuttings at the end of spring, just place a substrate of peat and sand in a cool environment.

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