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Do you need some advice about the subscription? We have already talked many times about the importance that this product has, in relation to the development of your plants. It is very important not to forget this section, sometimes it is not enough with the water and the sun that your plants receive … it is very necessary to fertilize and take time to take care of the land where we are going to cultivate and we already have plants.

Remember, if you have a garden, paying once a year will not harm you. On the contrary, you will see that your plants have a better quality of life. Remember that you can make more spongy or soft soils, depending on the species that requires this care, with a bit of peat, compost and manure.

Remember that there are two types of fertilizers, organic and mineral. If you dedicate yourself to growing, you can make your own compost or fertilizer at home. In a few months you will have the perfect mix for your plants to grow beautifully. Remember that both phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium help the growth of your specimens.

Make sure you keep the soil, of your garden, with a certain quality … paying the plants from time to time. If the fertilizer chosen is organic, try to treat the soil regularly so that the species grow strong; This becomes essential if your soil is poor and crops have little strength.

On the other hand, mineral fertilizers or fertilizers can be used almost all year. Especially in the spring season you can pay the entire garden .. in summer try to pay only the plants. In cold months it reduces the times you pay the soil. As you see with a little maintenance, depending on the species you have planted, your garden will be beautiful all year.

Do not forget to keep the soil using quality fertilizers or made by ourselves, so we even recycle food scraps. If you want your garden to be beautiful during the 12 months of the year, take care of the soil.

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