Succulent Plants for your home

Succulent Plants for your home

Good morning dear friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about the so-called succulent plants. If you want to decorate your home with the freshness of nature, a good option is this type of plants.

The good thing about succulent plants is that they are perfect for those people who cannot spend as much time as they would like or simply do not want. Succulents are plants of great visual style, which practically develop themselves, without too many complications.

If your home is located in a place where the weather is not very cold, you already have half the work done. These plants practically take care of themselves without much water or other products for personal development.

The Succulent They are native plants of Mexico and within it we can find sow of 150 different species. We also tell you that these lovely plants belong to the Crassuláceas family.

If the name sounds more familiar to you, they are also well known as Rosa de Alabastro .. a popular name that designates one of the most curious plants given the shape and the little care it needs.

If we examine it thoroughly we will verify that the leaves of this plant are arranged in rosettes and are rather thick and fleshy to the touch and sight.

they are of a possible white-pink color … with the yellow edges … instead the leaves will be found rather in greenish-gray.

These plants also give flowers, which appear as in pink clusters, quite small. As we have said, they are very drought-resistant plants, so we will water them every 10 days or so … yes, try not to wet their leaves.

So easy to care that they do not even require fertilizer for the soil … the soil only needs soil and sand in equal parts, always with good drainage. The substrate we will use can be for cactus.

With about four hours of sun, a well-lit place and just enough to water it this plant will be happy near the window or to cover some parts of your garden, sectors, stones, rocks.

Its multiplication is very simple, through both seeds and cuttings we will get new species .. in a few weeks it will take root.

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