Summer at home Add green to your Decoration

Summer at home Add green to your Decoration

Good morning friends of Decoration and Gardens! Today we would love to talk about the summer decoration In your home. If you want to change the look of your house in a few days, without hardly any cost .. you can always add something that attracts attention, for example, green.

So that our home looks wonderful in summer, we can always add green elements … I mean flowers and plants of tendency. Think that a beautiful garden or a house with certain plants placed in the right places, will make our home shine with spectacular colors and our rooms will take center stage.

Implement green in your home, now we can enjoy summer for a few months and if we have flowering plants, more than better! Remember that it is important to suspend fertilizers in certain plants that develop inside the home.

For the plants that we have outdoors remember that in summer we should not forget to fertilize the plants with products rich in phosphorus and potassium, unless you have exotic species.

Pests is something we should always control, with specific pesticides and fungicides for each problem … we must also remove weeds.

Add green to your home, we can make great centerpieces with floral arrangements, we can add aromatic plants to get great smells in our home.

We can also think big and add a great vertical wall in the living room, large plants to put them in vases on the floor … there are many decorative solutions that we could give them.

A palm tree – of the smallest species, to use at home – is a decorative, exotic plant … its huge leaves make it ideal for creating protagonist environments.

If you put it at home place it in a place where the light is wide, otherwise take it to the garden … so it will look in all its splendor, this is the case if we see that it grows more than we thought.

On the other hand if what you like is to grow, and not only to decorate but to eat and do a thousand things .. you can always have a small garden at home .. with mini greenhouses, which have their own self-planting, seedlings of plants, greenhouses heated.

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