Consejos para tener un estanque en tu jardín

Summer is coming and nothing cuter than seeing a pond in your garden

When the weather is warmer and the days are longer, we enjoy our garden more than ever, perhaps it is time to propose to place it a pretty pond, you will only require enough space, because all the other advice we will give you.

To start you must establish the place where you are going to place it, it is important that it is a sunny place and away from trees that lose leaves. With respect to its depth it can vary, in areas where the weather is very cold or very hot it must be greater, this way you will avoid freezing or overheating.

When you are going to fill it, you must be very careful that there are no losses or leaks, then you must test each of the pumps and filters. When everything is controlled you can start placing the plants and fish. Remember to never empty the pond more than half when you go to clean it, you should not use detergents or products that contain chemicals, this could generate a great problem for the species, breaking a whole ecological balance of the place.

It's very important focus on the good state of the water since it will be where the plants and fish live. The ideal temperature should be between 17 and 26 degrees. The pH should be between 6 and 8.

Having a good filtration will help you keep the water free of impurities and with the appropriate amount of oxygen. Artificial filters can be used that can be placed inside the pond as well as outside. Although they are placed inside so as not to disturb the eye it is also true that those that are placed outside are easier to clean.

A good option is the use of skimmers, which are usually seen in swimming pools, are ideal for use in ponds that are close to trees since they can reduce the debris that accumulates on the surface.

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