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Table with a tree in the middle

Good morning friends, in today's space we leave you with a beautiful table made of wood and with a striking central tree.

How is it possible? It is a great idea, impressive, natural, rustic and elegant .. it is simply very original.

It is not the first time we see a tree inside any home, more or less large adorning part of a room.

But this time it has caught my attention that, in addition to being located in the center of the surface, the legs and benches are also made of wood.

The room is beautiful, as everything is white and has great natural lighting .. the result is incredible.

You can also do something similar in your home, if it is what you want and if you are looking for an original decoration … at the same time natural.

I love to include part of nature at home … sometimes with some plants, some flowers, pretty vases or centerpieces.

This is a fantastic occasion to do something bigger .. if you are looking for a table to eat .. how about you make one yourself.

It is not necessary to look for a lot, just a wooden plank and some branches. The branches can use the pruning ones, same.

Prepare the surface, sand it and paint it the color you like best. You can also cover it, although it is preferable to paint it or apply a varnish … so it will be easier to care for and maintain it.

In addition to this prepare the branches. They must be thick … so the table will settle better. In this case there are four pieces of branches well sanded and cut at the same height as the rest.

This last step is very important, because if they are not at the same height the table will be taken.

Finally, the legs adhere to the plank, which were once branches and ready. Remember to practice a hole in the center of the surface.

This will serve to introduce the tree. As you can see, it has a fine trunk … according to the one you want to add, you can make the hole more or less large.

As it is a dry tree, provided with few branches and some branches, the hole is just enough to keep it upright, without the need to place a large pot.

Finally, the stools perfectly complement the scene, you can buy them or make them yourself, if you are a little handyman.

Photo: marieclaireidees

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