Take advantage of the cut grass

Today I leave you good advice to take advantage of the mowed grass, when you cut it. It's a great idea, so you won't have to throw it away or get rid of it. If you don't know what to invest in, right now I tell you what you can do with it.

A great and great idea is to reuse the cut grass, as part of the fertilizer. This way you can make your own homemade compost. It is an idea that will save us good money in the long run.

Remember that grass has many properties, including the advantage that it breaks down really fast. This rapid decomposition is due to the fact that it contains very little lignin, this makes us wonder.

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<p>In this way, the next time you mow your lawn, do not throw away the remains. Rather you can keep them in a large container … add everything that comes out of the freshly cut grass. You can leave the grass in the container, until you have time to compost.</p>
<p>Putting the grass in a container, causes the decomposition power to accelerate even more. That is why homemade compost is done in a closed container. It is true that it takes time to do, but it is a very good fertilizer and it is also economical because in any case we dispose of the waste daily.</p>
<p>A trick to make the compost faster, is to crush all the elements into very small pieces. The smaller the better, because this way it will break down sooner. There are devices that will help you cut the larger pieces.</p>
<p>There are many elements that you can add to home compost, including grass. Then everything should be stirred well and make a uniform mixture. Of course, it only removes when everything is broken. I recently told you about how to compost at home.</p>
<p>This process is economical, but it takes a while to do so. Anyway, I already tell you that if you are going to throw daily things like fruit peels, food, that is to say organic waste, as well as plants, remains of plants … because with all this you can make great compost for our plants.</p>
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