Take advantage of waste to protect your garden

Take advantage of waste to protect your garden

Good morning friends! In today's space we will give you some good ideas to take advantage of the kitchen waste and, at the same time, create good protection for the plants in your garden.

In good weather, even if summer is over, many pests arrive and many of us are the ones who fear for our beloved plants … besides insects, other types of animals can arrive … and although many of us resort to certain repellents, Sometimes it is not enough.

If this is your problem or you simply prefer to find a more natural solution and also take advantage of the waste in your home, here are some nice ideas that will help you protect your plants from pests.

All the home remedies that we detail below have been made with waste that comes from the kitchen itself such as eggshells, grapefruit and other things.

The eggshells, well crushed, are a splendid additive for the fertilizer that we usually throw to our plant, because the shells contain calcium and help to aerate the soil. Very useful for those who grow tomatoes.

If you drink coffee, this waste is another great fertilizer additive that we usually put into our plants … because the remains contain nitrogen that is quite good for tomatoes and peppers and vegetables in general.

For those who love nuts, remember not to throw away the shells … since these will serve to aerate the soil … that only the shells just because it could harm the plants.

Citrus fruits are very good elements to keep certain pests such as snails and slugs well away from plants. You can place some grapefruit, orange or lemon skins nearby.

Finally we tell you to use the spicy, yes as you hear it! Residues of tabasco, hot pepper or any other food that contains pincante .. when crushed and mixed with water it will be the perfect menu to add to the fertilizer and that our plants develop strong and free of pests.

When you crush the remains of spicy foods and mix them with water, pour the contents into a sprayer and add a little to your usual fertilizer.

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