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Take advantage of your outdoor spaces

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you an idea to take advantage of your outdoor spaces.

It's as easy as it seems, the trick is to learn to observe what we have around and then decorate.

On this occasion I leave you a great photograph, with such a natural decoration .. as special.

If you have trees and you are going to prune them or eliminate some of the thickest branches … why not take advantage of the remains like pieces of logs or branches.

It's easy, it's colorful and very natural … if you want to give your outdoor spaces a different touch … take advantage and add a very special dye.

This time we see an extremely charming corner, at least in my opinion. It is also not complicated to do and has a very attractive result.

It looks like a table for guests, for a meeting, an event … a very special dinner full of flowers.

The protagonists are, of course, the natural elements. In addition to the frame where the, say table, is all natural surrounded by trees, grass and leaves.

Small remains of logs, serve as seats. They are more or less serrated at the same height … yes, each one has its different characteristics.

To make it much more comfortable, in each of the seats they have put comfortable cushions.

All full of color, they combine perfectly with the flowers that decorate the table .. Pink, red, fuchsia and green … harmonize with each other!

The table is something very curious, if you look closely they are also remains of logs arranged well together.

In this way a most sympathetic table is formed, which will help us to embellish the environment even more.

You can always sand the surface so that we don't stick any splinters and then add the plates, glasses, dishes and everything you need.

Photo: Etsy

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