Take care of your hands - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Take care of your hands – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends. Today in Decoration and Gardens we would love to give you good advice .. you already have plants and flowers in a beautiful garden, on your balcony, in a flower pot .. if you love decorating with flowers and making your own arrangements for the table .. here are some tips for your hands!

Yes, your hands should take care of them when you do gardening activities, more if we are going to prune or handle products that may be harmful or poisonous to us.

One of the first care of yard start with our hands, In this sense we know that the skin can suffer problems due to the presence of branches, erosion when placing bricks, caring for the walls, pricking us with thorns, that the wood splinters, in addition to the cold and heat that the plants support, so do our hands when we are taking care of them.

As you can see your hands suffer a lot when you decide to dedicate time to the garden, your plants, trees … that's why it is very important and practically essential to use gloves. When we are going to use gardening tools such as knives or saws, when we are going to add certain products for pests …

But this is not all, if your garden requires a lot of care and we always wear gloves, it is best to add some cream to our skin and then put on the gloves. In this way it will protect us even more in the long term from rubbing the gloves themselves.

If we talk about times, it is always good to use gloves in gardening, but in winter it also helps us to make our blood circulation go better, this is because the gloves make our hands stay warm.

The gloves that we will use will depend on the task that we need to perform, it is not the same to take a saw to prune tree branches, than to trim some dead leaves of some petunias, so we will select the one that we deem appropriate, according to the hardness of the activity .

Try to look at the material from which the gloves that you are going to use are made, look at their contours, that are going well for your hand, that they are strong if you need them that way, the design they have to see if they are specific for certain jobs.

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