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Take care of your houseplants

Take care of indoor plants It can be complicated if you have no experience. In the case of indoor plants that have flowers, they will normally bloom during spring. Remember that it is very important that during flowering, which is the most active period of the plant) receive all the necessary nutrients.

In the case of indoor plants with flowers it is advisable to be given a greater contribution of potassium to increase and enhance the development of flowers.

When the flowers are dry you should remove them to avoid wasting energy in the process of seed formation.

Another fundamental point for the proper development of indoor plants It is the care of the leaves. We must remove the accumulation of dust that occurs during the winter, this, in addition to damaging its appearance damages its health.

You should be very careful with the products that are used for cleaning, some may cause deterioration in the most delicate leaves, so if in doubt it is preferable not to use them or do it very carefully and only after reading the instructions.

When spring is beginning you can take a shower with warm water to remove dust that has accumulated, but be careful not to saturate the water compost when doing this task.

With regard to pests we must keep in mind that during the winter season most insects remain inactive, only some of them such as cottony mealybugs and the red mite are active all year.

When spring comes the insects may appear with greater energy. These pests, which until now were controlled, will appear suddenly causing great damage to indoor plants.

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