Take care of your outdoor plants -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Take care of your outdoor plants -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, today we continue with this second part about caring for your outdoor plants. So that they develop strongly and are splendid here we leave some proposals.

To keep your plants healthy it is very important to clean and prune them, outdoor plants usually require regular pruning. Look at its leaves and stems, examine it to see if it has any signs of pest deterioration. Dark spots can be a trace.

Prune the plants that need it so that they develop strong, vigorous and healthy … for this it eliminates the leaves or fruits that are necessary. Remember that all plants are not the same as some admit pruning in spring and others do so in summer.

Another idea to keep them healthy is to transplant them once a year, if they are on land do it in late autumn and early winter. While if they are in pots, it will depend on the type of plant as some will need it before others.

Whenever you do a transplant, use new, fertilized and nutrient soil … in this way the soil of your garden will take a rest.

Irrigation is very important, if it rains normally in your land … it will not require frequent watering … but in summer it surely will. You should water more in the hot months, like two or three times a week … unless they are special plants.

Keep in mind that everything will depend on the type of land we have, the climate of our city and the type of plants we have.

Finally, if you have no thought of transplanting your plants … maybe, if potted plants, when you do, you should select the right pot. Remember that there are many decorative pots for the garden … but the material of these should prevail, for outdoor plants.

Those made in ceramic or clay are good for draining water, avoiding problems of rotting in plants … but they are heavy to move.

The plastic pots, are cheaper and have a much lighter weight … and are perfect for plants that need more moisture because the material will retain liquids.

We hope that these little tips have been very useful to you and so your outdoor plants can grow and develop in their fullness.

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