Take care of your pets' plants

In today's space I leave you with some tips to take care of your plants for pets you have at home. As I said in the previous post, pets sometimes play or because they have no space, they like to dig in the ground, play with flowers or even eat them. If you want to prevent this from happening, try to have a way for your pets to pass and have distractions at hand.

Besides, I can give you some more advice, so that pets do not spoil and trample the plants. If you have a garden, where there are very uncovered areas of land .. animals can create holes or even make their needs in it. You can put a layer of gravel or grama. This is a good measure so that the animals do not play or are in that area.

Another idea is to surround the plants with shepherd thread, very thin and as if it were a cable … put it around the plants. Use this if it is very important that animals do not enter the area you want to fence. You can give it some electricity, but low voltage so as not to harm the animal. In this way they will not approach.

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<p>On the other hand, sometimes pets can urinate in plant pots. Before this you can apply some spray, so that pets do not approach. You can find many products in the market to prevent them from urinating where they shouldn't. Some you can apply even on furniture and surfaces, which you do not want to be uploaded.</p>
<p>Finally, another tip, if it is about your pets stop doing the needs near the plants or on the ground, is to take it out. A good walk, where you are waiting for the needs, come back home. They will gradually see that when they go out on the street or for a walk, it is when they should do these things.</p>
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