Take care of your plants in the month of March

We will continue giving you some tips so you can take care of your plants during the month of March. In this month you must prepare for the summer plants such as joys, begonias, camellias, hydrangeas, which will need iron to prevent their leaves from turning yellow.

In this month you can start making a first cut in the hedges, remove the branches that are dead or dry inside. When you finish making the cuts you can help with a hose so that it is very clean.

Keep in mind that in the case of cypress hedges it is advisable to spray them with a good fungicide to avoid the appearance of fungi.

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<p style=This month is ideal for start planting bushes, among them the azaleas, abelia, vines and we cannot forget the aromatic ones, which if planted during the month of May will have a better development.

When the cold is no longer so deep, giving rise to warmer days, you can begin to redo the grass that has been in poor condition after winter. You can begin to dig the earth replanting seeds similar to the species that are already sown.

If you have a terrace, start renovating the potting soil and add a little fertilizer, at the beginning of April you can change the geraniums and add new fertilized land.

In the case that you have an irrigation system, we advise you to replace the sprinklers that are in poor condition, since from now on you will use them more. If you have the possibility it is best to install an irrigation programmer so you will avoid being aware of the issue.

If you have indoor plants, you can start opening the windows to start breathing fresh air and reactivate the circulation of the sap. Stir the earth for break the crust that forms on the surface. Start paying them every 15 to 20 days. Avoid strong air currents.

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