Take care of your plants

Hi everyone! Today I leave you with some small tricks, to take care and keep your plants always green.

Remember that they brighten our lives, decoration, every room … so, whether they are indoor or outdoor plants, they deserve your pampering too.

So you have a little information, here are some things to keep in mind .. so that our plants are always well maintained.

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<p>Remember that many things can be a good fertilizer for your plants, for example the grounds that remain in a bottle of wine. You can always fill it with water, without rinsing, and use it to water!</p>
<p>Watch for possible pests, from time to time do a review of your plants .. it is better to act as soon as possible if we see some bugs or other things.</p>
<p>Pruning in time is a great resource for our plants to grow more vigorously. If your plant loses leaves, it may be because you water them a lot or a little. In this case, pruning on time may be the best solution.</p>
<p>If spring comes, think about transplanting your plants to a larger pot. Renew the mulch, water and go!</p>
<p>Remember to water the necessary, for the type of plant you have. If you do it in excess, your plant may grow fungi. If you have them on the ground, boil 15 g of horsetail, in a liter of water.</p>
<p>Let the liquid cool, strain and add the mixture to the water you have to water the pots regularly.</p>
<p>If your plants are climbing or tall, you will need a support so they can grow. You can put reeds or other items, to help them grow. Tie with raffia strips.</p>
<p>If your plants are very delicate, such as orchids, you can water them with water that has been thawed from the refrigerator.</p>
<p>If you can't do this, rinse the shower, fill it with water and leave about 24 hours to water.</p>
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