Terrace idea. Decorate with pallets

Terrace idea. Decorate with pallets

Good morning dear friends! You all know that here in Decoration and Gardens we love to recycle and the ideas that can make other furniture take a function, which is not yours, to extend your life.

All ideas are more or less ingenious … and surely very economical. In this way today we have brought you a nice idea, easy to perform, simple to get the elements and also very economical.

If you have a terrace and do not know how you are going to decorate it because you do not have much economy to throw from, do not leave it for another occasion .. have you ever thought about using the typical pallets to decorate your home?

We have seen that tables, chairs, auxiliary surfaces can be made … and this time we can decorate a terrace with a few pellets of a lifetime.

An original idea that is well made and then painted wood can look great. This time we will use the pallets to furnish the terrace, making a comfortable white to be part of our outdoor areas.

Ideally, place them as they best fit our terrace, this time in the form of a seat or sofa .. as if it were a kind of large L .. this occupies the entire corner.

Once we have the shape, we proceed to sand the pallets we have taken one by one … depending on the size of the space to be decorated, X numbers of pallets will be needed.

Sand the wood, the entire top so that we do not damage the skin and then we can paint them in addition. Choose the paint that you like the most … although first cover it with a sealing layer, then paint white and then add the color you want.

Try to be exterior paint, so it will resist much more .. then if you want you can varnish. If you like the color of wood, you can always varnish alone or give a dye.

As we can see in the photograph they have also been given a backrest to make it much more comfortable and to make it even more comfortable, some large and some smaller pillows have been placed. Choose colors well and you're done!

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