Terraces for cold months - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Terraces for cold months – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about decorating any terrace, during the coldest months of the year.

If you have a terrace and do not go out in winter… can be a total waste of it and more being large.

The terraces and gardens are not only taken advantage of in summer … we can also do it in autumn or winter, we just have to know how to take advantage of this space so as not to stay frozen.

There are many ideas, for example if you can put some comfortable chairs or seats it will be ideal to read a book, even in winter. For non-freeze we can have at our disposal some good blankets.

If you have a bench or trunk where you put the textiles on the terrace, such as pillows and cushions, add warm shoes and some blankets to take them out for you or your guests.

We can also put in a small stove, to warm our feet while we are out contemplating the view and resting.

We don't want you to go out when it snows and it's too cold … we don't want to look for pneumonia either … but it's about taking advantage of those sunny mornings that winter often gives us.

Take advantage of good days that, although it is not hot, it does not make the cold raw than in other occasions ..

If you get up and see a great sun … why not go out and have a cup of coffee on the terrace, have a quiet breakfast in it or read a good book.

With some blankets to liven up the cold a bit, a good sweater, good shoes or a stove we can take advantage of this space also in winter.

We hope that these proposals help you to consider this usable space also in the coldest months of the year.

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