The 4 best tips on plants for beginners

Here I leave you four great tips that will help you take care of your plants and that will help you grow without problems. These suggestions are great for those people who are beginners in caring for plants, specimens and beautiful flowers. If you just bought a beautiful plant and you don't know how to take care of it, here are four things to keep in mind.

Caring for plants is very simple, usually. Just take a few basic tips. However, if you know that your plant requires special care, you should obtain specific information for its care. For the rest, stick with these four suggestions.

one. INFORMATION: As I said it is important to know what type of plant you have and if it requires special care. If you notice that your plant may have some type of pest, it is musty or you can see the tips of the burned leaves, which have white or red spots … it is very important to inform us and buy the necessary products, if they can be biological better. Depending on where your plant is and in the conditions it is in, it can be an easy target for some pests.

two. IRRIGATION: Be careful, remember NOT to water them … that is, add more water than they need. Always water the stem and roots, remember that in summer they will need more liquid; while in times of cold we have to reduce irrigation considerably. Make sure the soil does not dry out or is too wet. Water according to needs, the roots also need some air.

3. HUMIDITY: It is important to know what we are going to cultivate or care for, therefore the importance of the information. Each plant has a different average humidity, many do not hold the extremes. If you have heating or air conditioning, indoor plants are usually fatal, so try to increase or reduce humidity depending on the environment where you are growing them.

Four. LOCATION: If it is from outside, in general, it is good to give it from the sun but not too many hours. Although there are some species that require more sun and others less. One tip for them to grow well is to make plant sets or crops, not plant them alone, if you put them together they will see that they grow faster and better (there are some species that benefit others, but there are also some that do not get along well INFORMATE)

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