Algunas aromáticas que puedes tener en cuenta

The aromatic ones in your garden

We will continue talking about the different aromatic plant species.

Lavender or Lavender
Scientific name Lavender angustifolia. It is a small shrub that has an approximate life of 6 years. To dry it, it should be placed in bunches face down in a cool and ventilated place. When they are dry they should be put in cloth bags. After flowering it can be pruned and paid. Lavender is multiplied by cuttings. Cut into 10 cm pieces of semi-mature stems in summer.

Scientific name Mentha x piperita. It is a perennial herb that can last between five and six weeks producing. Its aroma is intense and very pleasant. For its correct development it needs a lot of humidity and semi-shade or shade. Experts advise planting it in pots because if it is in the garden it can spread a lot and become an invasive plant. If placed on land it must be enclosed in a pot so that growth has a limit.

The mint is multiplied by stolons in spring and autumn or by rhizomes of 8 to 12 centimeters in the period of vegetative rest in autumn. The rhizomes are extracted in autumn. In spring they are placed horizontally in shallow grooves 8 centimeters deep.

Scientific name Petroselinum crispum. It is one of the most used seasoning herbs. It is a biennial plant. It lasts more than one season but it is advisable to renew it every year. There are species of flat leaves and others of curly leaves. Flat-leaf plants have a stronger and more persistent taste.

Avoid placing in full sun. Mineral fertilizers cause it to grow more vigorously generating a good harvest of leaves. All leaves should be collected after the first year, at the end of the summer, freeze or dry those that are not going to be used.

The plant is multiplied by seeds sown at intervals from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. The seeds can take germinates about a month.

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