The Art of Garden Design

The Art of Garden Design

Dear friends, today in Decoration and Gardens, we want to talk about the design of these or also called landscaping. We are many of us who have a small corner where we want to learn to plant and have our own crops.

Whether a small garden, patio, terrace or balcony … knowing a little landscaping, some basic rules or tips … we can make the most of our spaces.

Nowadays landscaping have their own space in the decoration. People often turn to professional services to get the best results, but sometimes we can learn and do the design ourselves.

If you want to achieve both creative, attractive and functional planning, changing the look to your garden or outdoor space … here are some tips.

The first thing is to observe the terrain we have and thus work accordingly. We will try to make small or large soft hills. Some small path, a fountain or small waterfall .. some creek .. the water is important and gives tranquility to your spaces.

Always according to the space we have we can plant or place trees and other plants to decorate the accidents of the land, if any. Imagine that on a slope the trees will grow with the crooked trunk and the straight crown … to this we can add small rocks, flowers, some climbers … etc.

Always try to know the species we are planting, remember that perhaps the climate of your garden and where you live is not the most suitable. Try to know if they are species of sun, shade … or both .. also the type of leaf they have, will be expired or perennial.

If you are looking to bring fresh colors to your landscape, add foliage and flowers of many colors … or two colors. The lines and limitations are marked by the land itself .. we can adapt to nature and decorate accordingly.

Think about what you want to achieve with the landscape … if you want something relaxing and comfortable we can dean ourselves for a wooded-serene landscape … in this way the vertical lines and the rounded horizontal shapes will be the protagonists.

But if you prefer something stimulating we can add crossed and oblique lines … such as palm trees … in this type of landscape interlaced lines predominate.

If we locate a small fountain or make waterfalls, streams … remember that these will favor health, relaxation and comfort … as a last detail it leaves some things semi hidden, so you will not see everything with the first glance … the attractive thing is go discovering

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