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The benefits of gingseng

Ginseng or Panax ginseng It is one of the most recognized and valued medicinal plants in the world. One of the most common types is the so-called Korean or Asian, Siberian and American are also known. Its root is used pharmaceutically to get the benefits There is evidence that was used in Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years. Its root is rich in ginsenosides, property that has an excellent tonic action on the organism.

It is a plant rich in vitamins E, C and B, phosphorus and iron. In different studies they showed their excellent stimulating action. The root is used when there is a lack of vitality, physical and intellectual fatigue.

The stimulating properties of gingseng They are much praised all over the world. The benefits of stress and work performance have been confirmed.

Gingseng can be grown in the wild, it is normal to find it in certain forests or places that are not easily accessible in the South American and Asian regions. The cultivation requires an accurate and thorough process that is carried out by hand by expert hands. It is very important to prepare the soil correctly, choose the type of planting and the seeds, in addition to harvesting them very carefully during a given cycle.

For its optimal development requires a special climate and of a soil with certain conditions. Only the best seeds can be used at the time of propagation and are fertilized with natural products.

When it is five years old the plant reaches 30 to 50 centimeters the root begins to have a very particular smell and a bitter and sweet taste. At this time gingseng begins to activate.

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