Confía en los mejores profesionales del alquiler maquinaria

the best machinery rental professionals

With the most complete service in the machinery rental Small for construction and / or gardening, for more than 10 years, Majo makes excellent handling of industrial material and earthworks in Madrid.

What you need for him machinery rental in the hands of the best

Whether you need to weld, an electric hammer, a professional airless, a drill, a drill or just a sander, you'll find everything in the wide selection of tools and machinery.

Majo proudly presents a serious and reliable equipment for machinery rental, an inventory of perfectly inspected and good quality rental tools and equipment that will provide excellent service. High quality brands that will undoubtedly help you in each of your works.

Without a doubt and with the quality that only a reliable company like Majo can promise these rental tools are ready to go to work. Majo machines are available online and all inventory appears with their description. Even so, right there you can contact and answer your questions.

More than 100 different types of machinery and tools so you can choose the right one for your projects and proceed without problems to torental machinery. The page also offers a PDF that you can download and in which you can see each of the products offered there.

Machinery rental of excellent quality

Certainly only the best in the machinery rental could offer and also ensure products of the best quality. Tools that will resist you until the end of the works and that will never leave you with half the work. Units fully maintained with the manufacturer's specifications.

You can be sure that your machine has been rigorously inspected and thoroughly maintained by factory-trained service professionals throughout life and up to date with reviews for the rental of the machine. Safety is full on the quality and reliability of each piece.

The quality of the machinery is total to carry out any type of construction, material handling, industry and gardening tasks. All safety components have been examined and are working properly, ready for machinery rental.

If it is necessary to repair and / or do some minor maintenance, it will be completed in order to ensure a unit in good working condition. So if you get to use any equipment and it stops working, do not hesitate to take it back so that in Majo the situation can be studied.

Each unit is cleaned and maintained in accordance with the standard maintenance guidelines and many other quality control measures that are taken in order to offer the best and most reliable rental of machinery. Check the PDF catalog and get ready to use the best construction and gardening equipment you need for your works.

Assured of the quality and reliability of all the parts announced, Majo proudly offers the rental of the best tool and machinery in Madrid.

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