The Cactus. A very interesting plant

The Cactus. A very interesting plant

The Cactus they are strong and very interesting plants, they have characteristics very special which allow the plant to take advantage and store water better.

Used to grow in arid areas, this plant is quite strong in the middle. His body is characterized by being swollen and protected in many areas by thorns.

Its leaves adapted with thorns protects them from any setback that may arise. Normally it is difficult to know the exact age of the cactus plants, because their growth is not due to concentric rings such as trees.

The form and conditions of cultivation greatly influence the final size of the plant and the size of it. Something curious about cacti is that although there is a firm opinion that cacti do not bloom, precisely all cacti do. In this way, despite its strange appearance, flowering is usually simply spectacular.

We can find really very beautiful flowers, whose color palette can be contained in many species … except for blue.

These plants are widely used for human use, for example for food products, to be used in beverages, to build fences and ornaments for our homes.

In addition to all this, we know that cacti are very different from each other … there are cacti of a huge size these are called Sahuaro and Pitahaya .. these cacti produce a tasty and juicy fruit.

In Mexico, for example, we can see a species that reaches up to 16 meters high – in Puebla -, but the tallest in the world is the Cereus Lamprospermus in Bolivia with 22 meters high.

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