The Carnation. A very beautiful flower

The Carnation. A very beautiful flower

Friends today in Decor and Gardens, we want to talk about one of the best known flowers .. the Carnation. This important flower comes from a perennial herbaceous herbaceous caryophyll plant. Its shape is vertical, so it is that in the growth phase they need some kind of support in this way it will not bend.

Carnations are usually grown for two years. Crops, in general, can be divided into two large groups – normal carnations and mini-claves –

The first ones, that is to say the normal ones, are dislodged to a single terminal flower, instead the mini-clams are extracted from the apical bud that is in the center, in this way the buds of the upper areas develop more.

We find carnations of many colors such as yellow, red, orange, white or with a band of another color in their petals .. as you can see there is a great variety. These are demanded both in bouquets, as a single flower … on the other hand, miniclaveles are usually sold or seen by branches.Miniclaveles can also be seen in an extensive range of colors, we can also see them with betas of other colors.

But whether they are one or the other, the carnation .. the carnation flower has certain unquestionable features or characteristics. For example, the stem is strong and straight, with the leaves very clean and long and pointed.

The pedicel of the carnation plant is straight, thus allowing the flower to be erect and straight. On the other hand we will see that the spaces between the petals – curly and jagged – are very uniform and the center of the flower is full, without stamens, or styles.

If you have carnations or shopping to decorate your home, remember that these should lead a good life in the vase where you place them .. finally we tell you something curious, the actual size of the flower will depend on the temperature.

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