Cultivo de plantas para interior

The column is a good species for the interior

Recently we have referred to the different guidelines that you have to keep in mind for the indoor plants grow healthy. Today we will refer to one of the species that best adapt to the internal conditions of a home.

Column or goldfish

This species has its origins in Central and South America. It is characterized by having very flexible stems that are born firmly and fall as they grow, forming a very beautiful and decorative fall.

This plant is characterized by requiring very little light and should never receive direct sun. Remember not to water it too much because if this happens you will lose the flower so you should let it rest from so much water after it blooms. It is important that the environment where it develops is humid, as it happens in almost all indoor plants.

The humidity can be increased by using sprayers. This will favor the flowering of the plant.

The flower of the Column can be of different colors, the most common is yellow, although we also find it in the whole range of orange and red. Due to its shape of fallen stems and intense colors the plant is ideal for hanging, you will see how to hang it will look much better.

If you notice that the plant begins to lose its flowers or leaves fall off it is because there is an excess of irrigation, if the leaves and stems turn yellowish it is due to lack of water. If the flowers and leaves start to wrinkle and dry easily, it is because they do not have different humidity. If the leaves do not grow too much remember to move the plant to a place with more indirect light.

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