Regar los cactus

The correct irrigation of cacti

Cacti and succulent plants have the advantage of be easy to grow provided we provide the necessary amount of water and the necessary fertilizers. Being plants that grow in dry environments, the lack of moisture is not an issue that we have to deal with.

When watering this type of plant it is preferable to sin by default than by excess.

The lack of water is easier to verify since in this situation we will see them thinner and somewhat wrinkled. By providing the water they need, they swell quickly and can recover. Experts advise that it is good to let the soil dry between one irrigation and the other.

In summer the watering can be done once a week and in colder periods go spacing the periods. During the winter you should water very little or leave it without watering, except when they are inside, in that case you should only water if the soil is dry.

To verify that the soil is very dry you can enter a wooden stick and thus verify that it comes out without the earth sticking in it. In these cases it can be watered until the moisture soaks the soil well.

Keep in mind that the excess water in the roots will cause them to rot and the whole plant will spoil. It is better to wet the soil directly without wetting the leaves and their stems. Excess moisture causes stains on them, since the drops of water act like a magnifying glass.

The best water is rainwater, which can be collected and stored for use. The water must be cold at the time of watering.

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