The garden and your little ones!

The garden and your little ones!

Good morning friends! In today's space we will love to give you some great ideas to decorate a fun garden for your children. In this way for all those who have children it will be very useful for them to enjoy as much as we do abroad.

If you have a garden or patio, it is nice to have a sandbox .. in this way the little ones will have a great time, while the older ones talk and sunbathe. Here you can make sandcastles, drawings .. ect.

Another idea is to put a small playground, that is to say a slide, a climbing tower, swings … it is not necessary that you put it all at once if you do not have space, everything is to know how to distribute things.

For those who love cooking, we can always make a small toy kitchen, just a simple wooden board is necessary .. here we can put or rather draw the stove and simulate the buttons to turn on and off. A very simple idea, economical and can be fun.

Add an inflatable pool that will be what you like best! Especially in the middle of summer with the heat and the sun. Depending on the money we have we can put from a construction pool to a hose .. the children have a great time splashing with the hose.

If you have enough space we can always add a zip line! They will love this … a rope from end to end, good security so that the child does not fall and something to catch … they will have a great time.

A small fort can be a great experience for them .. the children will be delighted. They can create their little house there, a castle an office je je .. everything they have in their imagination … we can only put some recycled pallets .. so we make the walls, the rest is part of the imagination.

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