The importance of medicinal plants

The importance of medicinal plants

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about some important medicinal plants that we can use and plant to decorate the kitchen or our garden.

If you have a patio, terrace, a simple window or a beautiful garden, you can add some of these species that, in addition to being very decorative, we can take advantage of its medicinal advantages.

Plants can act in our body by improving some of the things that can happen to us, such as stomach upset, headaches, colds … -along remembering that there are medical professionals-

As an alternative we can have some good medicinal plants at home that will help us solve certain things such as tiredness, nerves, insomnia … among many other things.

The Mallow It is a great remedy, for example, for constipation. If we have this plant at home we can prepare, from time to time, infusions with this herb. It will sit great if we have a glass before going to bed and another when we get up.

Whenever you notice any bitter herb, of this or other plants, you can dress it with a little sugar or honey.

For example the known Rosemary, like Artemis, Shepherd's Bag, Sage and Chamomile … well mixed together, they are an extremely effective remedy for menstruation. It is true that many women have a hard time when it is their turn, it happens to me, and the pills in these cases do not completely take away the pain.

That is why today we leave you this little natural recipe, with a single pinch of each of them and let them cook in a liter of water, it is enough. Try to cover the pot and then let it rest. After a while drink it more or less every hour .. we assure you that it will relieve you a lot!

Finally we will tell you about Pine tree, yes .. Pine has many properties … but today we are going to use it for bad breath. If you want to have a clear and strong voice, with a very fresh breath we will need a decoction of pine.

The infusion for halitosis is very simple .. just take a saucepan and pour half a liter of water and a couple of green pineapples. Cook it all well and then let it cool … finally gargle with this tea.

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