Tareas del paisajista

The landscape's work

We will continue talking about some of the tasks that Landscapers must perform. In the previous article we already give you some parameters of your work and remember how important it is to collect data about the space that the garden will occupy or occupy.

When you have all the necessary measurements you must start with the cabinet work. For that it will be necessary to make a plot of the plot of the plot, for which you can use different programs on your computer, for example, Autocad. A tool widely used by architects and also by landscape designers.

Some subject matter experts prefer to draw or print plot plan, in black and white, and make the details of the trees and plants by drawing them by hand.

When we have the design proposed, the project must begin, which will include some technical specifications, irrigation study, plans and other annexes. This project is the one that will be presented to the client, it must explain the steps that will be performed in the execution of the garden.

Regarding the work carried out by landscape designers, we can take into account the definition given by the Spanish Landscape Association: Landscaper training includes humanistic knowledge in order to develop artistic and creative skills. They handle areas such as urban and peri-urban landscapes without neglecting natural and rural sites. Projects can vary considerably depending on the scale of work, they can design a small garden or design an urban park.

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