The pests that affect our plants

We will continue talking about pests that can affect your lively plants.

Black donut
This type of pest must be fought by a product based on pyrethrins, another good option is an active matter chlorpyrifos. Treatments should be repeated every 10 to 15 days.

Soil worms
There are different worms that can affect your plants, among them we find white worms (Anoxia villosa, Melolontha melolontha), wire worms (Agriotes lineatus), gray worms (Agrotis segetum, Noctua pronuba). The larvae of white and wire worms inhabit the ground and eat the roots of different ornamental plants, often gnawing tubers and bulbs.

When plants are affected by these worms the leaves they turn yellow and wilt. To banish this problem you must search the earth and examine the roots. Normally the most important damages appear during spring and autumn,

For the white worm and the wire worm you can use the chlorpyrifos. Two or more applications are required to ensure optimal control. Gray worms gnaw the base of the stems by drying them. They eat at night and during the day they belong buried in the ground. To fight the gray worms you can use the same products as for the black donut, some product that is based on pyrethrins, place it in the afternoon since the worms come out at night,

Miners or submarine
they are larvites that move through the leaves, when they are seen in light they can see the larva inside, they usually inhabit Narcissus, Verbena, Calendula, Aster, Cineraria, Dahlia, Zinia, Chrysanthemum, Margaritas. To combat them you can use different systemic insecticides such as Dipterex, Sumithión, Lannate.

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