Plagas sufridas por las plantas vivaces

The pests that make your plants sick

Perennials can be affected by different problems, including we found pests (mealybugs, aphids, caterpillars), diseases (fungi, bacteria, viruses), disorders (lack of water, excessive irrigation).

Then we will be giving you a series of tips in each particular case so that in your garden you can wear the most beautiful and healthy lively plants. There are many reasons why your plants may be having a bad time, pests can have a lot to do so you must pay attention and thus return all their health and splendor.

Among the problems that most frequently affect your lively plants are: mealybugs, aphids, whitefly, thrips, red spider, butterfly caterpillars, black donut, soil worms, miners, green mosquitoes, snails, slugs, ants, grasshoppers, lobsters , ketones, bedbugs, nematodes, mole cricket, onion scorpion.

The mealybugs are characterized by having a shield that protect them from colors, the consistency of the shield is varied. They have a beak that they stick in the leaves sucking their saliva and causing the leaves to become discolored, yellowed and fall off. Part of the saliva they take is excreted as molasses, which causes the black fungus to be placed on it.

To remove the mealybugs you should use a cotton ball with methyl alcohol and spray with insecticide anticochinillas.

Aphids also called aphids absorb the sap of the leaves thanks to their beaks, in this way they deform the leaves that are rolled. Then the black fungus appears. There are different colors of aphids: green, yellow, brown and black.

In the event that the attack is mild it will be enough to cut the affected leaves and buds, then give it a bath of soapy water. You can also apply an insecticide, a homemade solution is to give a bath with a macerated cigarette butts.

In a next article we will continue referring to pests that can affect your plants vivacious and the way to prevent them.

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