Cómo iluminar tu jardín

The right lighting for your garden

The garden lighting It is an aspect that we have to take into account to make the most of it during the night. It is necessary that the lighting fulfills two functions: allow moving at night and highlight the characteristics of the garden to create a different space.

Inside the garden we will start with illuminate the passage areas to avoid trips and falls. You can choose a model that turns on with the single step automatically. Motion detectors are very useful and easy to place.

From the point of view of the decoration the correct lighting allows to improve the aesthetics of the garden, you can place it in the massifs, statues, facades. Choose correctly the places where you are going to use the lighting and you will get good effects. You can place a portable projector.

When you choose the suitable points of light Think about the style you want to give the garden. The design lamps will go perfectly in a modern house, the aluminum ones are better in the most rustic and classic houses. He thinks that outdoor lights should maintain harmony in the garden both day and night.

The entrance lighting to the garden can be applied, a good option is to place it on both sides of the door with down lighting. If the entrance is narrow, choose a downward sconce that contains a motion detector. If the exit to the garden is under a roof overhang you can place a suspended lamp or an outdoor ceiling lamp.

To illuminate a passage area you can use a lamppost or a terminal. Generally a lamp is placed every five meters, although the distance may depend on the power and the winding of the road.

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