Árboles frutales

The right soil for fruit trees

Fruit trees need a fertile soil to give us its fruits, The soil where they are located should be deep, with a spongy structure, it will have to have a good capacity to retain water and an optimal drainage.

It is ideal that the soil for fruit trees contains high mineral content, is rich in organic matter, is not saline, the pH should be between 6 and 7, should not be infected by fungi, worms or weeds.

It is necessary that the soil is not flooded, so specific measures must be taken in clay soils. If necessary, the necessary slope should be given to the land so that the water drains.

For improve a soil with poor drainage You can place drainage pipes, provide a good dose of sand, provide organic matter, choose the species that best resist asphyxiating conditions.

The soils must be deep, those that have a hard rock of half a meter of impenetrable surface for the roots are not suitable. To solve this problem, you can add topsoil and work deeply to break the impermeable layer if it is very shallow.

To know if the soil is limestone, it will be enough with see the white spots that may appear on the surface. Soils with high limestone content can impair the development of species such as kiwi, avocado, citrus pear. Cherry, plum and olive are quite resistant to lime.

Place iron sulfide in granules, which will help lower soil pH, these granules will release insoluble nutrients.

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