The stones as a natural element

The stones as a natural element

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to contribute something more to your natural decorations. Remember that stone is one of the natural elements that will help enrich every corner of our decoration.

For some areas of the garden, for the patio or for the terrace, the stones are an element widely used in decoration.

Both indoors and outdoors, you can use the stone as a symbol of nature that gives us everything we need.

The decoration of our garden is not a path of roses, it can be a more complicated process … it all depends on the design we want for it.

In addition to the colors, the organization and the different elements and accessories that we provide … the location of each accessory is essential. In addition, resorting to stone as a decorative accessory gives us great versatility.

Due to the resistance, the variety, the durability, the beauty and the attractiveness that they can be… the stones form a very important part in the garden.

There are many types of stone, each with its own properties and possible applications that we should consider. Slate, marble or perhaps granite often use them to apply them naturally or treated.

On the other hand, natural or synthetic stones allow us a great variety and versatility to imitate the natural elements, at a very low price.

The use of stones in the garden is a main base of Feng Shui … an oriental philosophy aimed at enhancing comfort in our home and our life.

In Feng Shui, the stone becomes a key element, just like water or everything that symbolizes movement … the key to the stones varies according to the size and the way of locating it. Find balance and harmony.

It is generally preferred not to mix more than two types of material .. essential not to provide a very ornate decoration. There are many alternatives to avoid this and one of them is to combine gravel with brick.

Although if you want examples we give them to you, combine granite tiles with stone, boulder with slabs … and similar things.

The stone can also be combined with almost any type of material or component .. even with Feng shui water. A mixture that gives us a landscape of the most natural and fresh.

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